Art History

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Aspects of the Crawford Painting  Legacy.  

On two days in June 2014 Crawford extended the dimension of most of his works on hand by writing poems to 200 of them.

They all hold the initials P. D. on the back.

The following paintings give credence to the styles of experimatiom over the years.


Styles and Periods...

Mantle of Van Gogh.

Wand of Mesmeratic art.

Impressionist foreward.69/ 70s.

ColourPact 80s

Mesmeratic and Arttease. 2,OOO -2014..

Poem Dimentology and. 2014 


*Where Poetry in Dimensions is applicable The letters a circle is on the back.

The first painting on prominent display as an example of, his Van Gogh period is displayed at the entrance of the Sandringham Historical Society Bayside, Melbourne. Style praised by critics as the “Mantle of Van Gogh” Titled “The British build up at Ballarat 1854.”  See photo by Marcus Herman displayed here under ARTIST.