Flag Facts

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Original Australian National Flag.

The below is the first copy of the Original Australian flag designed by Australians since all the copies we believe were destroyed at the behest of the British for obvious reasons.

This is the first known make up of the original design since 1909 of the flag accepted by our Government and launched by Edmund Barton our first Prime Minister as our National flag for our Federation in 1901.



Original Australian flag


British Australian flag


This is the first time in our history the two flags have been displayed together.

Why the changes?

The British felt that the flag although obviously even then unbalanced (in colour and size ) still had too much space given over to our already relatively small part of the symbolism and cut the sizes making the flag more unbalanced and changing the symbolism of the Southern Cross.


Above Original Australian Flag. Reproduced from archival Photo courtesy Latrobe Library.

The original Australian flag of 1901 as designed by Australian's and accepted by the Australian Parliament and publicly acclaimed by the Prime Minister Edmund Barton and the people. An additional point to the Federal star to acknowledge Territories was later added.

The Lord of the British Admiralty that had power over such things imperiously scrapped this Australian National flag designed by those colonials and changed it to the BRITISH/Australian flag by cutting the Federal star in half because it took away from the prominence of the Union Jack thus making it the most unbalanced flag on earth and adding and detracting star points on the standard Southern cross thus making "it scientifically meaningless. It was for many years a very unpopular flag.


All copies Of the original were destroyed.

In 1920 when the dominium of Ireland left the Union of the other Dominiums of England and Scotland the English ignored this obvious change to the flag and never removed the cross of St. Patrick????? Also ignoring this set of strange happenings Prime Minister Robert Menzies a Royalist created a popularity for the doubtful BRITISH/Australian flag and got Queen Elizabeth to sign the Flag Act a year after it had been passed by Parliament.

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