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  • The Man Melbourne forgot. An Autobiography. 
  • Four sides of a Trilogy, The Australian Answer to Lord of the Rings. The Trilogy. “The Sockatron”, “Quests" and “Quests and Questions."
  • The Anti Paedophile book. “The flower Stealers.
  • “Tribute to the GOONS” Hairy Potter and the Galloping Mermaids.
  • “You and the Meaning of Life Philosophy”
  • “Replace Tribute to America”
  • “55 Flags of Australian History”
  • “Happy little Vegiemites.” 
  • “Without a Leg to Stand On.”
  • “The Murklewoit Story.”



Film scripts. 


  • “The Planet record story.” 
  • “Man, the Earth Animal.





  • “The Republican” Composit pages