Flag Difference

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What is different to most other flags in the world?



Displays a feeling of direction and tendancy to encourage action, and climb to great heights.
An observance of demonstration and positivity.
An emblem of equality, representing all Australians and immediatly recognisable as being us.

The striving stature too, represents sport.



Is not unique in a flag though, symbolically important, as it represents our eons of indegenous history, a circle of untiy, the shape of the wattle in our natinal flower showing ecology, a growing nation, and the rising sun on the slouch hat.



Representing knowledge education, arts an philosophy.


Southern cross

Our history. Top star. Federation star.. States and territories.



Combining the old flag and teh new with overtones of our indegenious flag history with the flags of NAIDOC.
Black band - 'Les we forget', Ochre-land and blue for our seas and air.



White spirit of our country. Peace.

Flag Of Untiy v13