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Theatre, Bowl and open air.All written, & produced by Crawford..


Theatre & Bowl.


Term of his Natural Life.

Eureka Stockade operas.

This is my Country.

Robbery Undern arms.

World Bowls.

The Elvis Presley Memorial. concerts.

The Beatles shows, 

Tribute to the Goons.. 

The Rbbert Stigwood Story. 

The History of Jazz.

Lady in blues.

Seven Dwarfs and a princess.

Pinnochio Ballets.

Russian Sputnick ballet co.

Norman Lindsay story.

Let’s us hear your voice for the Animals..

History of Country music.

Pygmalion ballets..

Ugly Duckling Ballets.

The dreamtime.

Ethnic 76. 

The Frank Sinatra story.

Drawing of the cup.

Riding hight.

The Jolson Story.

Paris by Night.

The Buddy Holley Story.

Rock n’ Pop series.

Country Music series.

Dance week.


Cossi Fan Tutti. 

Back to the Tivoli.

Les Ballets Africains.

History of the world in music. 

This is my Country. 

Johny O’Keef tribute.


Frank Traynor Memorial concert.

Mystry of the magic skates. ( Ice show.).

150th Anniversary of Victoria. State spectacular.

Junp club in Concert. 

Salute to Australia shows .

The World ar our feet.

Aboriginal Expo.

Scotch games.

Down town Promotions. C.B.D.

St. Patrick day marches.

Hey, Ho, Hay rides.

Australia Hurrah!.

Teddy Bears Picnics.

United Nations day. 

Young Performers.

Melbourne cup carnival.

Herald Garden state Festival.

Community Meet.

Helmet Day. 


Les Ballets Enfents series.

Dei Fledermous.

Picnic on the Battlefield.

Celebration of Voices.

Echoes of Scotland. 

Southern Cross Days.


Vaudeville week.

Glamour Festival.

Colour Fiestas. 

Kingdom of Pop.

Festival of masters. 

Tribute to Zorba.

Christmas Party Time.

Melbourne Jazz Festival.

Country music Jamborees.

The 20000 piece Brass Band.

Media Day.

Welcome to Hawaii.

Easter celebrations.

Re Enactments on battle fields.

Changing of the Guard and Pomp and ceremony.

Children's corners.

Easter parades.

Stringing along Puppetry Festival. Magic on the Grass.

Victoria Day.

Children's corner.

Shakespear in thePark.

Asian Journey.

Circus, Circus.

Poet Alley.

Children’s week.

The tall ships spectacular and celebration.

Free food and music days.

Festival of colour.



Salute to Australia.

Carnival of Instruments.

Italian Memories.

Pancake Follies.

Goliath in concert.

St. Valentine’s days.

Pensioners basket picnic.

German/Austrian/ Swiss weeks. 

Mad Hatters.picnic. 

The Crucifixions.

Operas int the Parks. 

Musicals in the Parks.

Ballet in the Parks.

Stand up in the Parks. 

Cabaret in the Parks.

Exhibitions in the Parks.

Plays in the Parks.

Anzac FEIP.

Melbourne Dance Festival.

Annual national Leg in the Air day.

Laugh week.

April fools day.

Live drawing of the Melbourne Cup and pageants on the Course.

.Monolith of Brass. 

Autumn Earth celebrations.

Bushfire appeal.

Squizzy. The Play.

The Tivoli forever.

etc. etc. etc. ‘Plus…



37 major marches. 


including overseas guests, Gridiron teams

Vehicles through time, etc.



Compere special programmes especially for various State Governments. I.e.  International Womens Year 1975.


The Shirley Bassey show.

The Ted Heath Show.Ice shows.

FEIP Programme. 

Jump club and House front man and vocalist.

Eric Westbrook celebrity concert. 

The Zegfeld show.

Animal rally.

Australia Days after the Committee.


Record labels owned and directed.



Talent City.



Jazz incorporated.








Home library.



Worked for other labels.









Prestodisc, Orbit.


Also on..



Mc Iwraith.

Sonet Lumiere production.

The Flag.



Scriptwriter National T.V. Shows.


Start Living, 

Jimmy Hannon’s IMT

Noel Ferrier’s IMT,

Grahame Kennedy’s IMT.

Celebrity Game,

The Ray Taylor show, AM and PM,

The Mavis Brampston Show.

The week in reverse.











The Shirly Bassey show.

The Ted Heath show.

Make way for the Bands,

Up among the stars, 

State Government functions,

Thousands of FEIP Shows.

The Glenn Miller season.

The Jump Club front man and vocalist. 

John Farnham. Australia day Award.





Creates Australia Day flag races.

Miss Melbourne Cup and Pageantry on the straight..

Plays for Astor all stars.

The football songs and marches. 

The Scotch games.

Opening and closings World Bowls.

Opening and closing World Hockey.

Football follies. 

Brass a foot day.



Major Articles.


Waiter races. 

Country clubs.

Country town Festivals.



Also... Creates. 


Junior Lord Mayor,Miss Melbourne cup.

Creates. Awards for.

Entertainer of the year.

Colonial King (Environmental).

Media Awards,

King or Queen of Jazz.

’Country Music awards. 

Legend awards.

Amateur Musical comedy cos. awards.

Visual arts. Creates, 

Mesmeratic art Genre.





“Yarra Left Bank.”

History of Australia.

“Ned Kelly” 

The eureka Stockade.”

“A Decades of Crawford.” 

Moments of Change.

“Gold in Oil.”

“Moments of Change.

”Administrator. Make way fort he bands. Planet record group. Touring Co.s. Talent City. group. This is my Country. David H. Mc Ilwraith Enterprises. King Crawford Quintette tours..AIIG. Special Delivery Services.



Promoter big shows and Public relations. Apart from FEIP.


Les Ballets Africains.

Time out for Ginger.

Gene Krupa.

Eartha Kitt.

Jean Sablon.

Follies Bergeres. 

Annie Get your Gun.


The Others Brothers.

Freddy Bamburger. show.

Snow White Panto.

The Pope Flemington and MCG shows.

Citation FEIP Royal Australian institute of Architects. Robin Boyd Award.

The Victoria Council. The Gold triennial Tourism awards for the best attraction in the State of Victoria.FEIP. (awarded twice).

The  Country Music Association of.America. State receptions. 

Under State credentials Lecture tour of New Zealand and major speaker at Parks conference. 

Nominated for “Australian of the year twice”



Theatrical employees.


Garnet H. Carrol.

Ken Brodziak.

C. Williamson’s.

David H.Mc Iwraith. 


Crawford's THE SNOW WHITE BALLET. Australia’s first full Length Ballet. Double album. Viking label. State Archives.( 2. ) Tony Fenelon Princess theatre version.

Crawford’s SNOW WHITE  BALLET. Melbourne Town Hall Version.. The organ Symphony. Conductor Doug Surman. Viking Label. State Archives. Sidney Myer Music Bowl and Princess theatre season followed.

EUREKA STOCKADE FOLK OPERA. Double Album. Viking Label . State Archives. Double Album. ( 2.)  Ballarat and Fitzroy Gardens productions. 

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE EUREKA STOCKADE OPERA.. Kew Citizens Band season at Dallas Brooks. Starring John Lidgerwood and Ian Cousins.

Words and Music Bob King Crawford and Doug Surman.

THIS IS MY COUNTRY. Double Album.  (2)  Surman and Crawford’s Celebrations for the state of Victoria for the 200th. Anniversary of the Nation.. Double Album. Huge cast. Viking Label. State Archives. The history of Australia in music and action. Additionally production, direction and libretto Crawford.

WAR OF THE WORLDS. Narration Bob King Crawford.. Viking Label. State Archives. 

THE AUSTRALIAN. 3 releases on  R.C.A. Victor,,Talent City, Viking and State Archives. Crawford and his cast. 

TWO SHOWS. The first Australian Musicals  and telecast on AbV 2. Story and music Bob King Crawford. On Viking .State Archives.

MY FAVOURITE SONGS.. Double Album. (2) All star cast. The words and music of Bob King Crawford. Viking and State archives

HOW TO SPEAK AUSTRALIAN. Crawford and his cast. Version i on Talent City and Version (2) on A New Planet

HE SEES .Original words and music Bob King Crawford.  First album of its type. All star album on R.C.A. Victor and Viking. State archives

SONGS OF MELBOURNE. Words and music Bob King Crawford tribute to his city.All star album. Viking and State Archives.

MEET MR. GENIUS. Bob King Crawford’s All star Album. Australia’s first words and music album by an Australian composer.On Planet and Viking. State Archives.

150 ANNIVERSARY OF VICTORIA SHOW. Words . music, story and production Bob King Crawford.All star cast. Viking State Archives.

TIDLEY BITS. Viking. Includes words and music Bob King Crawford. all star cast. STATE GOVERNMENT ARCHIVES.

LADY IN BLUE.  Words, music, Story Bob King Crawford. Australian  answer to “Jesus Christ Superstar,” All star cast. Viking records and the State Government archives.

THE MAGICAL MUSICAL TOUR OF THE LAND OF OZ. Words and music Bob King Crawford. Viking records. State archives.

22 FOOTBALL MARCHES. Southern command Brass Ban. Music Bob King Crawford. Fastest composed album on Earth. Only Australian brass band recording with all titles by one composer Australia’s first all music album by an Australian composer.. Planet, Viking and  State archives.

SING ALONG FOOTBALL PARTY. Words and music Bob King Crawford. Viking and State Archives.

MUSICAL  FOOTBALL PARTY. Music Bio King Crawford. Viking and State Archives.

FOOTBALL PARTY. Viking. State Archives.

SON ET LUMIER. Written and produced by Bob King Crawford.On Viking records. and State Government Archives. 

The WONDERFUL WORLD OF BEEPLEMANIA. Written and acted by Bob King Crawford  Talent City. Viking records and State Government archives.

SCROOGES SCREWY XMAS. Double album. (2)  Planet. Viking and State Government archives. Includes comedy, , words and music written and acted by Bob King Crawford.

MAN’S BEST FRIEND. Talent City records. Written by Bib King Crawford..

HOW TO BE AN AUSTRALIAN. Crawford. Rebel records.

AN AUSTRALIAN MEETS SHAKESSPEAR. Crawford and his cast. Talent city.

ROBBERY UNDER ARMS. Production, Casting.Words, music and adaption of story Bob King Crawford and music also by Doug Surman. All star cast. Viking Records. State archives.

TERM OF HIS NATURAL LIFE. Production,Casting,Words music and adaption of story Bob King Crawford. Music Doug Surman. All star cast. Viking records. State Archives.

JAMES BLOND. Probe records.

HOLT OO7. Bob king Crawford and his cast. First Australian Political satire album.. Probe records. File State archives.

SEVEN DWARFS AND A PRINCESS. Production, Words music and libretto Bob King Crawford. All star cast. Viking records

DREAMTIME BALLET. Indigenous, Surman/Crawford. Viking. State archives. 

UGLY DUCKLING BALLET. Music Crawford. Viking records. State archives.

PYGMALION BALLET. Music Crawford.Viking Records. State archives.

THE STORY OF MR. SHOW BUSINESS. Written and produced by Bob king Crawford. Worlds first Visual sound album. Planet records. Viking. state archives.. 

STORY OF SANTA CLAUS. Written and produced. by Bob King Crawford.Australia’s first children's album. Planet records. Viking. State archives. 

ANTHEM. The Australians. Leslie Martin and. Donald Cant recordings of the song by Doug Surman and Bob King Crawford.. 

PLUS NUMEROUS SINGLES including the first multi sex baby recording..


Additional labels with known Crawford compositions.

Buried country. From the original soundtrack. Larrican.

Leslie Martin “Princess of Packingham.” 3.D.

Blues Down Under. Crest and Vibrophonic records.                              

At the going down of the sun. 3 D

So you want to be a Rock n’ Roll Star. Festival.

Dixieland Party. Talent City.

And Everything Stops. Planet records.

Australia day 1983. Viking. State Archives. 


OTHER State ARCHIVAL material written and produced by Crawford and in the State Archives and Viking records.


The first Elvis Presley Memorial concert.

The Jolson Story.

The Frank Sinatra Story.

The Beatles Story. 

The Johny O’Keefe tribute.

Plus scores of Albums he produced On Planet, Talent city and other labels also on Viking and the archives many of significance such as the Massed bands of the Olympic games 1956. 

Is credited with many  label, cover and World  design firsts in Recording industry.



Tributes include.

The National Sound and Film Archives.

The Balladeers Association of Australia.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission.




WORLD IS FLAT. Australia’s first chronological history book. Cartoons Peter Russell- Clarke.

AWFUL AUSTRALIAN. Cartoons Peter Russell -Clarke

AUSTRALIA’S GREATEST FOLK HERO.The longest ballad in the Southern Hemisphere.  Ballad and illustrations Crawford.


THE Ultimate  STORY OF SANTA CLAUS based on the album and originally released on Planet as a production...



The Yatmol. (Philosophy). Sling shot wisdom.

The White trilogy. (Answer to Lord of the Rings).

Happy little Vegemites. Sequel to Awful Australian. 

The flower stealers. The Anti Pedophile book

Tribute to the Goons. Hairy Potter. 

Man the Earth Animal. Film.


Official Victorian Government Yearbook 

Entertainment In Parks Listings Alone.

The following does not include the winter season Theatre and Hall figures.


Year                    Productions                    Artists                    Estimated Audiences.

1973                    9                                    119                          25,000 

1973/74               65                                  2875                         25,5000   

1974/75               75                                  7500                         600,000  

I975/76                175                                2,750                        1,000,000  

1976/77               162                                1750                         1,000,000

1977/78               176                                22,500                      1,050,000

1978/79               179                                27,500                      1,150,000

1979/80               180                                32,000                      1,500,000

1980/81               211                                37,500                      1,680,000 

1981/82               179                                37,500                      1,700,000

1982/83               111                                34,000                      1,500,000 


Totals                  1,642                             208,733                   11,155,600 





Drastic cuts to all State funding caused diluting of the whole growing programme and the 

States main tourist and Media project died However the image of a living city lived on. 


The last free to the public major theatrical production was after Crawford left Council (An 

event marked by major articles in all major papers) as a gift to the city and the only major 

celebration in the State to mark the 200th.


Celebrations and staged as a thank you to the city for 16 great years.