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Bob King Crawford's 'Vision for Melbourne' go to Bayside Leader.

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Crawford said he didn't spend a cent."

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Herald/Sun 20 Nov 2008. re: car park fears and the lowest campaign funds. "Tuscano said he spent he spent 224 Dollars while rival Bob King Crawford said he spent nothing." Others spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.



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They're hanging Ned Again" (Full page article) 4 Nov 1995. Australasian Post. "Melbourne artist and colourist. Bob is a prominent name himself in the artistic life of Australia."

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 Arts Centre Spire.)

"How about this for an Eyeful tower " Sandringham Brighton Advertiser. 3 April 1990. "Councillor Evans said 'We need bright ideas like Bob King Crawford's' "

"Tower plan to mark skyline." Sandringham Brighton Advertiser. 13 March 1990. "Mr. Crawford said the tower would be visible for a large distance and could be a landmark for the city."

"Artist plans tower for city landmark." Bayside Times. 14 March 1990. Bob King Crawford will discuss the plans with councillors next week."

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