The Artist

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“British Build Up at Ballarat, 1854” (left image)

(Build up of government forces prior to The Eureka Stockade)

Artist: Robert King Crawford

Oil on canvas board (1990).

"Artist extraordinaire". Ad Art.

"Colourist of the highest order." Asian Art News.

"Crawford has made myths come alive more than any other Australian artist"

"Few others have dared enter into Sidney Nolan Territory"

"Artist extraordinaire" Asian Art News.

"Creates passionate history lessons on vibrant tableaux using great blobs of colour which swing and explodes into dozens of visual effects." Ad Art.

"Jewel like colours. Provocative palette." Tempo.

"Amazing colour impact." Howard Arkley.


Aspects of the Crawford Painting Legacy.

On two days in June 2014 Crawford extended the dimension of most of his works on hand by writing poems to 200 of them. 

They all hold the initials P. D. on the back. The followinng paintings give credence to the styles of experimatiom over the years.


Styles and Periods..

Mantle of Van Gogh.

Wand of Mesmeratic Art.

1.  Impressionist foreward - 69 & 70's

2.  ColourPact - 80's 

3.  Mesmeratic - 2000 - 2014

4.  Arttease - 2000 - 2014

5.  Poem Dimentology - 2014 

6.  Where Poetry in Dimensions is applicable the letters a circle, is on the back.


Exhibitions in order of events.

Boyd family home. Herald art show. Munster Arms gallery, City. Hampton Galleries.. Opened by Jazz Legend Frank Traynor. "Yarra Bank. Artists exhibition walk" Opened by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne. Ockerscapes" Fitzroy gardens. Opened by Jack Perry. "Gold in Oil" The Gallery Punt road. Opened by Brian Pearce A.A.C. "Acland Street Gallery" St. Kilda. "Australian History" Head office National Australia Bank opened by Sir Rupert Clarke.. "Art and action" Polly Woodside." Eureka. "The Ned Kelly story" opened by Professor Weston Blake. "The Eureka story" opened by Peter Lalor (Great grandson.) Corporate art gallery. "A decade of Crawford" Helen Gory Gallery. Opened by the Minister of Arts. "Australia" opened by Susan Steel. "Moments of time" Bright Galleries opened by fellow artist David Larwill. "The Group" Same venue. "Vibrations 1" opened by the Mayor of Bayside. "Vibrations 2" Same venue. Work displayed at the Media Museum.


Robert King Crawford’s “Ten Commandments of Art"

1. THE ARTIST. The artist is an intermediary. The gift from high levels is on loan for a short time, but the vibrations put down, good or bad, go on forever. True artists must be true to themselves in their emotional feel, placing their ability and soul in tandem, fused to the greatest degree possible to the individual’s creative insight. An artist who does not vary his work is not an artist, he is a factory production line worker.

2. TECHNIQUE. Nobody is totally taught art. You earn and learn it. You have to be one with the Universe to encompass perfection, but a perfect work must have a flaw to be art.

3. ATTITUDE. Living art is a growing thing and those involved must grow, fail, or fall with it, and in doing so are true or untrue to their art. Although a certain amount of ego is required to believe in yourself, the core belief should be in your relationship beyond yourself.

4. SUBJECT. In creating a piece of art, the concept may bear little resemblance to its end result. It is necessary to look, or be guided, beyond the surface, though it be part of the adventure and an ever emerging idea.

5. TITLE. The title of a work may be the key to an ever-changing door. The final title should therefore wait till the end.

6. ART. This much maligned term is often used to cover up a lack of ability, or present it to gullible people who believe what they are told to believe. Art is not an excuse for mediocrity. It is a challenge for the gifted. The smug smog of the know-it-all does immeasurable damage. The overdrive to over value the worthless. Time is no defender of a work; true art needs no defending. Those who can’t fit into art make art fit them. Sometimes it works, most times it doesn’t. You have to start somewhere and some place but not without direction.

7. THE OBSERVER. The observer will react to a number of combinations of elements. A chord is struck by the colours; the image recalls an occasion or person; a spiritual connection is established; vibrations are in accord; it matches the lounge-room window curtains. Art is communication, though your Muses may not be mine.

8. OBSERVATION. Observation is the soul’s open window for the artist. It is a plus to forever derive joy from the work, if it brings peace to a group or individual, a challenge is struck, or something new, as should be the viewers joy each time they see it.

9. VALUE. The value of a painting can best be judged by its relationship to the artist’s journey, the dramatic feel of the end result, and it’s relevance to you personally. Stories pertaining to the painting or artist may influence you. Ponder the fine line between commercialism and cannibalism. When you take it home ensure the package isn’t tied with barbed wire. Make certain that where you purchase it from is reputable. lf it is to be bought as an investment, do your homework. Don’t buy the frame first. If you aren’t just buying it for enjoyment get an expert to value it for you. Happy shopping!

10. VIBRATIONS. Sometimes the reason a painting attracts is obscure, but there may be actions and reactions of which you are unaware. All paintings are sprinkled with another’s DNA, whether that is part of the attraction or not. Spiritually you may be related. Where you hang and display it may make all the difference. Remember... light is the lifeblood of most paintings. A good artist should be seen in a good light, whereas a mediocre artist should remain in the dark.



"Mesmeratic Art" (R King Crawford)

The lines have fertile ideas of minds,

Of adventures that are in control,

As if the spirit is built up inside a tube,

And its passion is a lit up soul.

The brush too has inspirational thoughts to create,

Of where it wants to go or state,

The palette, choreographs perchance,

Movement; contrast; inspired; it wants to dance.

Visiting figures in surprise appear,

Here, there, to fro, muddy, tangled, then clear,

Up, across, ordered chaos in colours fix,

Down, up, in out, an evolving calyx.

Virgin canvases create a glare of white,

To fertile the mind from darkest night,

Dimensions meeting in the scale,

To rebel your senses positive, not to fail.

No eager thoughts start as you begin,

It is unwise to plan, almost a sin,

Control will come, though perhaps not yours,

Go, go, go, Muses have no time to pause.

For other worlds quoting line and verse,

Of an inspirational unfolding universe,

Cause vibrations of the final cosmic bend,

For Planets without colour might the end portend.

Art is captured rapture in time,

That holds images in an instant clime,

Moving in shape of emergence, messages strong,

In moving strokes seek the place where they belong.

Scenes Mesmeratic and magical multi-create,

Worlds spread out on excessive wings,

An inspiration joins in fairview rings,

Moving in kinetic flow, the message sings.

No bars can stop its message, calligraphy -

The more you look, the more you see.