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Crawford's Jazz career.

Modern Jazz exponent opened the first modern music jazz club in Melbourne winning polls as modern Jazz singer. Hits recordings of 'Black and Blue' and 'Blue Moon' with Allen Rhodes jump men. Promotes and comperes the worlds biggest at Leggets. Presents the worlds biggest produced Jazz concert Worths Olympia during "Make way tor the Bands" series. 110 musicians and ten vocalists on stage. Tours with the Paddy Fitgerald Big Band, Alan all stars and Bruce Kennet big band. Forms the King Crawford Quintette for concert work with Splinter Reeves on sax. By Popular vote made Vice President of the musicians union. Musses nickname him the 'King'. It stuck. Instruments include Tenor, Clarinet, Piano and vocal'.

Invents "Talk a Story Jazz". with Frank Hounslow and Bobby Barnard. Also Invents Aboriginal Jazz, with Frank Traynor Band. Narrater for 'The Glenn Miller Story'. concert series at Dallas Brooks. Creates Melbourne Jazz week for 16 years at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Creates Jazz Kings and Queens. Designed famed Jazz logo. Writes Australian Jazz classics 'Down Under Blues' (The first Aboriginal Blues Song) and Yarra River Blues. Recorded by Jazz greats. Writes with Doug Surman the Jazz musical, 'Term of His Natural Life' and rock musical 'Robbery Under Arms' and a host of Jazz singles. Public relations manager for Gene Krupa and compere for the Ted Heath show. Writes first T.V. musicals 'Why Is A Woman A' and 'Story in 6 flats'. Directs and produces Australia's first theatre production under State patronage for the Va Creates own Jazz label of an Australian Jazz man. his mate Frank Traynor. His compositions have covered most forms of Jazz over 70 of the senior of Jazz remembering a character in a zoot suit in the 59s. More Information can be found in the Australian and Victorian Jazz archives


Among the Jazz albums produced are:

"Piano for moderns"


"Moods at Midnight"

"All Rhodes Lead to Dixieland"

"Spice of Excitement"

"Dixieland Jazz Party"

"Musical Menu"

"Sensational Jack"

"Sing it again Barry"


"Alan Rhodes Orchestra and Quintette"

"Honkey Tonk Piano Man"

"Giants of Jazz"

"The New Sounds"

"Jolson Story"

"Dixieland Football Party"

"Throat of Gold"

"Meet Mr Genius"

and more...