Flag Balance and Symbolism

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Flag Balance, and Symbolism of Balance.


Indigenous star in line with the environmental star and piercing the a of the Roo, then goes through the line to meet on the top right corner of the flag.

The centre of the Anzac star is in line with the centre of the Federal star.

The Nose of in line with the two flag edges top left of the flag and bottom right) piercing the centre of the Achievement star and the edge of the yellow Unity symbol.


The Anzac star centre is in line with the flags top right hand corner and the side of the Yellow unity symbol.

The Anzac star is in line with the tip of the paw and Federal star.

The Tip of the tail of the Roo and its leg's toe are in line with the side of the yellow Sun Unity symbol.

Ear of the Roo is in line with the centre of the Federal star.

The Roo's Chin tip is in line with the Indigenous star.

The line pierces centre of the Federal and Environmental stars and the passes the side of the Achievement star.

A line is drawn line from the top of the ear through to the centre of the crutch, to the middle of the yellow Sun /circle of Unity.

The blue is exactly the double of the width of the black and green.

The foot of the Roo is exactly in the middle of the green banner widthwise.

The Green and Black pierce the middle of the Anzac star.

Although I did the original design of the flag in seconds during the rehearsal of the production of This is my Country", and specifically during the inspirational song "The Australians" on that busy morning in January 26th 1988.

It was later found that amazingly all the diverse 3 focus parts that make up the Unity of the whole flag, all line up perfectly and that this is as close to balance perfection as possible, making as it does arguably an amazing interpretation non virgin piece of paper in its final a crumpled state.

Instinct or inspiration?

The song "The Australians" is also on general C.D. release by Leslie Martin.

The song stops the show wherever she sings it.

In the Nations search for its identity. Technically and emotionally perhaps there is a message here.

Bob King Crawford.

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