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Australian Flags.


Gough Whitlam "I applaud your efforts to secure a distinctive Australian flag."

Mark Zuckerberg (born May 14, 1984) is an American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur.
Founder of Facebook bans Australian Flag Of Unity Facebook page. No warning or notification. Deemed too political.


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Fly the non-British flag for a "United Australia" and support the referendum.

● It means you are the roo, upwards & forwards 

● Blending is strength. Bonding isharmony.

● Flying for all peoples Australian. An emblem of energy and belonging.

● Of memories, leadership, & recognizing our debts to our great warriors & heroes.

● In simple design, the essence of Australia's identity in courtesy, humour & honour.

● Easily recognized internationally for who we are, of a oneness, vibrating positiveenergy, & no way divisive.

● Powerful, colourful & magical, like no other.

● A banner of honesty, of intent, balance & land of a fair go.

● Inspirational in content.

● A teaching, motivation, assimilation, & recall tool.

● A window, & mirror, of what and who we are, have been, and could be.

● A recognition of beliefs, rights, freedoms & our way of life.

● Multiculturalism, reconciliation, sports and arts.

● Representing you, the Aussie arrow roo. Unique. Leading like an arrow.

● Tying together all sections of the Community, in a spectrum of symbols easilyrecognised as us.

● It cannot ever be confused with the New Zealand Flag.

● Being Aussie is a gift, its price loyalty and respect for our lifestyle.

● This flag flying forever upwards in search of peace & so proud to be Australian.

Flags that removed the Union Jack: America (1877), India (1947), Canada (1964), Sri Lanka (1984).

This Unity flag was dramatically conceived at a rehearsal of Crawford & Surman's giant spectacular for Australia's 200th birthday 

while the "Australian's" was being rehearsed. Birth took place with a hundred Unity flags in the 400,000 strong "Long walk" in
Melbourne on Sunday 3/11/2000 & used to make the finale's huge reconciliation tree.

It has also been used in the inaugural Australian Independence Day marches.
 On one such march, a worker digging a hole in
Bourke St. looking up startled at first seeing it said "I wish my father had died under that flag!"

Barry Jones AO : "Many flags have been proposed, most of them unappealing or inappropriate. Bob Crawford's design with its
striking colour & flying kangaroo motif is one of the very few that deserves serious consideration."

Peter Russell-Clarke : "The symbolism is absolutely appealing & appropriate for our Nation's signature. In fact the concept is
what Australia has needed since we came of age at Gallipoli."

Professor of Australian History. Weston Bate AO : "A joyous creation. I admire the good sense you put into it... It is a liberation
& embracing, a stillness of remembrance & an energy of hope."

Natasha Stott Despoja : "Well thought out and crafted flag."

Caroline Briggs, Elder of the Boonerwrung tribe : "The Aboriginals will always tell stories of this flag."

Chris Franklin : "I wouldn't follow the Union Jack down a slippery hill, but I'd follow the Flag of Unity anywhere."

Hon. Gough Whitlam A.C., Q.C. : "I applaud your efforts to secure a distinctive Australian flag."

The Australians

Bob King Crawford / Doug Surman˜from their great musical 'The Eureka Stockade'.

The mighty mountains reach the skies,

The rivers fill the sea,

This is my country, where I want to be,

A cross of stars fill up the sky,

And in our flag they shine.

And I'm here to tell you world, That this land is mine.

So forward forever one nation, one land

Forward to our history and the world must understand.

Hymn of the Unity Flag

Australia is our nation, Our flag of light unfurled.
For our major is our destiny, And we will lead the world.

Eucalyptus scents the air, Endeavour fills our soul,

Greatness is our destiny and greatness is our goal,

In every field our people shine, challenges 'neath the sun,

And I'm here to tell you world, that we have just begun.

Repeat Chorus